With every show, within every staged moment, whether comedy or tragedy, our objective is delight and our mission is to bring
our artists, our audience and our community together in joy. Known for rich costumes, spare sets and great language, we celebrate
the power of imagination and explore a wide range of storytelling forms; dance, music, poetry, masks, and puppets.
Theatre in the Rough is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Shakespeare-enamored theater company in Juneau, Alaska.
Donations to Theatre in the Rough are tax deductible.
Theater in the Rough Shakespeare in Juneau, Alaska.

An INTERLUDE there shall be...

Friends, Roughians, Countrymen: we will be taking a rest for the 2015-2016 season.
Please stay tuned for next Fall, which will be our 25th anniversary season, coinciding with the arrival of a copy of
Shakespeare's First Folio at the State Museum (July and August), and the readings of the works therein.
Have a marvelous winter!

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